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Flexiclean650 Mixer

The Aran FlexiClean 650 mixer, whilst not the largest Aran mixer, it will perform beyond your expectations.  For the serious producer where volume, quality and reliability are critical.  

Optimized for Quarry & Construction specific applications, this mixer can be installed as a stand alone unit, or packaged in a plant.   A paste version of this mixer is also available.

The mixer of choice for the serious high volume producer.

300 - 550 cubic meters per hour

Shaft Centres 650mm

Case 4m long

Maimum Particle Size 65mm

180 kW power

Rubber Case - retractable side doors along length of mixer

Conveyor Floor

Flanged foot or wheel mount

Unique Aran High Intensity Blade Pattern

Forward Blade Helix for maximum production

Reverse Discharge

maximum servicability​

The Aran FLEXICLEAN mixer uses continuous
mixing technology to produce homogeneous
material, suited to:

  • High Quality Paving Concrete

  • Lean Mix Sub Base Concrete

  • Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC)

  • Stabilised Road Base

  • Land Fill Liners from Soil or Clay

  • Treatment of Contaminated Soils

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